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Indians have always found fondness for card games like teen-patti and other variants. The tradition goes back a long time in history when card games were extremely popular back in the 14th century. The tradition assumed a much more vogue stance since then and gained prominence in the Konkan region on the western coastline of the Indian peninsula. It was extremely popular amongst the Mughals who brought the concept of playing cards from the land of Persia.

Playing cards are known as taash in Hindi and some of the most popular games other than teen-patti are Indian Rummy, Twenty-eight, Bluff and Bridge. According to Indian tradition, the highest card value as part of each house or color combination is one of the incarnations of the Almighty. The tradition has been passed down generations and has spawned the growth of this game and its popularity amongst the masses. Get-togethers during festivals like Diwali see a lot of people participating in card games, often putting money on the line which is akin to gambling in the true sense of it. It is not often seen as a good symbol as playing cards inculcates the habit of gambling in people. Despite that, card games are extremely popular in every nook and corner of the country of India.

Now, with the growth of technology and the advent of internet, games like rummy cannot be left far behind in the race for adopting a more tech-savvy approach to the game. There are many online card games which are one hundred percent legal and genuine. online free rummy game are available and particularly tailor-made for the lovers of the Indian version of the game. The online free rummy game specialists work hard to enable you to experience the best there is. The games cater to both level of players, the amateur and the professional. There also is a provision for cash rummy games. The website is authentic and extremely safe for you to trust it with your secured payment options. The system entails integrated and advanced payment options that allow you to pay through credit cards, debit cards, mobile banking, net banking etc. They allow you to enter into competitions by making a payment. Cash rummy games also allow you to win huge prices. The prices are in the form of cash as per your winnings in the game.

The simple yet so enticing gaming interface shall appeal to you. The platform provides for you to compete with the best in the Indian gaming arena and go head to head with them while formulating game plans and strategies. You can also play multiplayer games with more than 2 players. Games like 13-cards Indian Rummy, 21-cards Rummy etc. can be played between more than two players in order to bag cash prizes instantly. The signing up process is extremely simple and not time consuming at all. The portal is safe enough to keep your details secret. The secured game arena assures entertainment 24×7 with tournaments being announced every now and then.

Therefore, log on to the website, sign-up and charge your brain cells to challenge your competitors to games you’re grown up playing.

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