How To Play Rummy Like A Pro

Rummy is an interesting and challenging game which is sure to appeal people of various age groups and backgrounds. The rules of rummy vary slightly depending upon which version of the game is being played and where. However, the basic principle of the game remains the same. The objective of the game is to make sequences or sets of the cards in each player’s hand. These sets may be either a sequence of consecutive numbers of the same color or a set of the same number in different colors.

Here’re some of the basic rules of how to play rummy:

Dealing: Depending upon the version of the game being played, each player is given a certain number of cards. For example in thirteen cards rummy, each player is given thirteen cards to play with. The remaining cards are kept face down in an adjacent pile. One card is drawn from the pile and placed facing up to begin the game.

Playing: Each player draws a card from the pile and uses it to make either of the two sequences specified above. They can then place the sequence down or else take out one card from their hand and place it next to the deck.

Scoring: Points are given to every player for melding their cards and are taken away for the non-melded cards. Cards can also be gotten rid of by two other methods- laying off or discarding single cards. If the common pile of cards runs out, players can choose to shuffle it again and play from the same deck or start using the pile of discarded cards.

Winning hand: The winning hand goes to the person who exhausts all of their cards. The player can thus declare by saying Rummy.

In addition, once someone has declared rummy, the cards remaining in the other players hands are given certain points, which are added to the winners score. Rummy is a simple game enjoyed all over the world. It’s quite easy to understand how to play rummy. The best part of the game is that there are so many different versions that one can never get bored of playing the same one over and over again. It is also one of the most universally popular games which is played almost everywhere around the world.

With the advent of the Internet, the online version of rummy is bringing much joy to people from varied walks of life from round the globe.

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