Indian Rummy Card Game – With Added Spices

Rummy card game has always banked on its popularity and the intriguing atmosphere it creates in critical stages of the game. This card game has quite a number of theories that relate to its involvement, with two of them proving to be the best among all theories. The rummy card game, according to the first theory was introduced in Asia and Mexico with similarities from the game of conquain, considered to be the ancestral card game to rummy. The other theory believed of the game being evolved in Romania, hence its name.

The Indian rummy card game is just a game of rummy with added spices. This card game with modified rules has gained so much popularity among the mass here that it is played at kitty parties among women too. Since the British era, games such as poker, rummy and bridge were highly appreciated and played with a lot of spirit and interest. The interest still seems to stay alive in the hearts of the Indian card game lovers.

The game is played widely in clubs and casinos too. Like all other rummy games, even the Indian rummy card game is played with a minimum of two and a maximum of 4 players and unlike other rummy games, where the number of cards each player is dealt with can change, it is 13 cards in the Indian format. In India too, the objective of playing rummy remains unchanged, which is to arrange 13 cards in the form of sequences and sets so as to win the game.

The Indian form of rummy does differ from its other formats but all the games of rummy follow the same overall concept. In this 13 card format, if one has to get rid of all his/her cards then one can do it in the form of sets and runs. A set is a sequence of similar cards of different suits and a run is a sequence of adjacent cards of the same suit. If the wild cards are being used in order to win the game, one has to make at least a set or a run which has no wild cards in it; hence should be pure in nature, of course with all the remaining cards being sorted.

The Indian game of rummy is a delightful experience for one and all with the interest and the spirit among the people being the winner always.

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