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Ever since the introduction of rummy games, they have gained immense popularity and are still played with great zeal in numerous Indian households. Be it any variant of this card game, the level of interest and enthusiasm remains the same. The game follows a simple mechanism which is to draw a card from a stock pile and discard an unwanted card to a waste pile so as to keep the card count balanced. The objective of playing the game is to form combinations or sets of three or four cards of either the same rank or the same suit. These combinations are called melds and any card left unmelded at the end of play with a player is referred to as deadwood. Further, these deadwoods account for penalties.

The rummy family has divided its types into both, positive and negative. In positive types, melds carry plus scores and the objective is to form as much melds as possible and to not go out early in order to do more profitably. The negative type is the complete opposite of the former and the objective is to go out as soon as possible. The online rummy games are of various formats and the classifications such as the flat-out games, the oldest type in which melds are revealed only when someone goes out; knock-out games in which melds are only revealed when a player taps on the table in order to portray the impression that he/her has the least amount of deadwood and is a clear winner. There are drift games as well in which melds are revealed with the progression of play and the game ends only if any of the player runs out of cards; contract games which follows a statutory pattern to which the first meld should be conformed and rearrangement games in which melds are revealed as the play progresses and form a common property, enabling the players to extend and further rearrange to form different melds.

The game of rummy has always been one of the most respected and enjoyed card games all over the world and with the introduction of this game online, it is proved to be very beneficial for those Indian card game lovers who had no one to play with them daily. Also there is a chat button for the purpose of socializing and getting to know your opponent more. All in all, online rummy games with a cup of tea in the evening, is all what you need to enjoy.

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