Online Free Rummy Game: The New Favorite Pass Time!

Although today when video games, play stations and consoles, rule the popularity charts, online free rummy game is one of the most favorite among card games. Be it a regular, traditional, standard or basic – no other card game is as thrilling as this one. It is more exciting than poker and involves a great amount of skill to win.

The online free rummy game is simple with basic rules. Whether you play with your friends at home or online, the rules of the game more or less remain the same throughout.

How to play online free rummy game?

For a newbie, it is important to understand the formation of the deck. Each card has a value. Once you understand the points on each card properly, you are done halfway with the learning process.

In online rummy the number of cards to be distributed depends on the number of players. Online it is usually manned versus computer game and offers various interesting rummy games like Gin Rummy, 500 Rummy to name a few. Amongst these, the most popular online forms of rummy is Gin Rummy.

It is considered as the most difficult of all and therefore, makes it the favorite amongst avid rummy players. You can learn how to play online free rummy game quickly as the basic rules are quite simple.


  • Each player is dealt with 21 cards at the beginning of the game.
  • If a player wishes to declare, then he should have 3 sequences with a minimum of three cards in each.
  • In the lack of three sequences, all the cards in the hand are counted as points except the jokers and the pure sequences.
  • Impure sequences or the ones made with the help of a joker can contain 3 or 4 cards.
  • In addition to the various points discussed, this game also has certain “Value cards”.

These cards are dependent on the Cut Joker drawn from the stock pile at the beginning of the game.

The game of Online rummy offers a lot of fun and excitement to its players and is a great past time.

Playing online rummy can positively be a lot of fun. If you have mastered the skills of defeating the other players in the rummy room and would now like to bring in more fun and innovative moves into the game; then you can read to get an insight into the world of 21 card rummy which will take you a step ahead.

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