Does Beer A Day Really Keep Kidney Stone Away?

The connection between bear and kidney stones is mysterious. Researchers suggest drinking good quality beer in optimum quantities does not increment the chance of kidney stone formation. Beer is a slightly alcoholic beverage produce by slow fermentation of malted cereal grains like barley, hops etc. Beer uses up ingredients like yeast, water, fruits, and spices. The yeast converts the sugar present in malt into alcohol giving a better taste to alcohol. The alcoholic concentrate of beer is far low making it helpful to keep away the kidney stones. To understand the relation first you need to know about the basic formation of kidney stones. Below a detailed description is given about kidney stones and their to beer.

How are kidney stones formed?

Kidneys are excretory organs of the body that are meant to remove unessential by-products present in the body via the urine. Urine contains many minerals that are passed out with the aid of natural substances. In the absence of natural substance, the mineral gets crystallized forming kidney stones. The crystals formed increase in size and with their increase they start obstructing the normal flow of urine. The crystals obstruct the flow normally in the ureters. As an outcome, urine keeps on accumulating obstructing the normal flow and when the accumulation goes beyond the limits, it can result in to distended kidneys. So, while urinating the individual experience pain due to pressure placed on the organs and structures surrounding the swelled-up kidneys.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are formed from crystal forming substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid. At the same time, the urine lacks substances that prevent crystals from sticking together. They are different types of kidney stones. First are the calcium stones. They are the most common and occurs in the form of calcium oxalate. Oxalate comes from some of the fruits, vegetables, nuts and chocolate. Additionally, the human liver also produces oxalate. Any kind of metabolic disorder, high dose of Vitamin D, by-pass surgery also increase the concentration of oxalate and calcium in urine. When calcium and its oxalates gathers up from so many sources than it may result in to kidney stones. Second are Struvite stones. They occur in form of an infection like urinary tract infection. Struvite stones grows up quickly and are capable of attaining a quite a large size within no time. The signs and symptoms of struvite stones are few. Third are Uric acid stones. They are formed in individuals who don’t drink fluids or who excrete too less fluid from the body. They can also be formed in individuals who remain on a high protein diet and who have gout. Additionally, some kind of genetic factors may also increase the risk of uric acid stones. Forth are Cystine stones. These stones are formed in people with a heredity disorder in which the kidneys excrete too much of amino acids. The condition in which too much amino acid is released is called cystinuria. Apart from this some rare type of kidney stones may also exists.

Treatment of Kidney stones

One of the most successful treatment for stones is Lithotripsy. It is a medical procedure used to treat kidney stones and stones in other organs, such as the gallbladder or the liver. The technique uses sound waves to break up the larger size stones in to small pieces. The sound waves used in this are high-energy shock waves. Commonly used lithotripsy is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. In this type of lithotripsy, the shock waves are generated by a special machine called a lithotripter. The shock waves travel into the body and break apart the stones. Extracorporeal technique is used from early 1980s and has replaced surgery for treating up the large kidney stones. Lithotripsy is a non-invasive procedure. It is safe procedure and individuals recover pretty easily after the procedure is performed. Lithotripsy is carried out in about 45 minutes to an hour. Before the procedure any form of anesthesia like local, regional, or general is given to the patient so that he/she cannot experience pain. After the lithotripsy is done, the stone debris is removed from the kidneys or the ureter via the urination.

Relation between kidney stones and beer

Individual hold an opinion that drinking beer helps to prevent excess calcium from getting deposited in the urinary tract system. They also say that beer aids in cleaning out the kidney stone from the system efficiently and painlessly by opening up the urinary tubes and incrementing the urine flow. The beliefs are true to a certain extent especially when beer is consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption of beer is harmful to the body and can lead to other health issues.

However, contrary to this there is also an opinion that beer is high in oxalates thereby it promotes the development of kidney stones. This is also true as oxalates are formed during the fermentation process and these oxalates are released from the brewers yeast in to the beer. This was the old way of brewing beer that allowed yeast to pass through and enter into the barrels where it is stored which used to increase the oxalate in beer. In the present time, the preparation of beer uses up a high filtration process. In the current process oxalates gather up in a fine layer as a cloudy haze on top of the brewed beer. Upon freezing, the oxalates turn into crystals that along with other crystal forming compounds are removed by means of a filter. Along with it the yeast is also removed that starts up the oxalate formation. Thus, it makes beer drinking entirely safe for individuals who are prone to develop calcium oxalate kidney stones. In spite of this, the consumption should be in moderate quantities to prevent other health issues.

Kidney stones if formed are not a huge reason to worry. Lithotripsy techniques is best to get them cleared off without any much discomfort. The fact that beer keeps kidney stones away is true to a certain extent. The validity of the fact is only and only when the consumption is in moderate quantities.

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