Doctors without Local Boundaries

When Mr. Saxena had been admitted to the emergency ward for seizures, he was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. He was suggested to undergo embolization by the doctors, but his family members were skeptical as the location of the aneurysm was critical and the treatment could lead to permanent impairment. They wanted to consult other doctors who would suggest a conservative approach that would work.  So, they opted to consult a doctor online as he was located in Bangalore.

More and more people these days want to get a medical second opinion from doctors of others cities as they are quite popular in their specialization. During times when medicine had not entered the internet era, family members of patients had to physically go to another city along with the medical reports in order to consult a doctor there. Now, it is the era of internet and the era of doctors without local boundaries.

Imagine that a patient from a rural area or a II-tier city has to constantly visit a major metro in order to consult an expert there! Not only is it cumbersome for the patient, but it is also an impractical approach to provide health care.

India is right now the global capital for many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many others. But, the dearth of experts in these fields means that people make a beeline for experts in the said specialty. This cannot and should be termed as medical tourism as people from the same country have to visit another city and it does not earn any revenue.

In the initial stages, the internet acted as a provider of knowledge and awareness regarding disease condition and people could access it for information. As more and more developments have taken place, the internet is now taking an active role as a provider of health care solutions.

This is seen in the form of online doctor consultation that is provided by numerous hospitals and organizations. Now, people across the nation can access doctors from anywhere in the country. This is a boon not only to the II-tier cities and rural areas; it is also a boon for the urban areas as commute to the hospitals has become arduous due to traffic congestions.

CallHealth is among the leaders in the provision of online doctor consultations. With innovative approaches and a vast infrastructure, CallHealth has come up with a system that seems to revolutionize health care services. Each consultation of doctor online is in the presence of a mobile health officer who does a physical examination and gives the information to the doctor at the other end of the video call. This gives many people access to high quality health care right from the comfort of their homes.

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