Bed Begs Are Like A Terrifying Dream

It’s a spine-chilling feeling when we hear about bed bugs in our attic or around our living places. They can invade your home through the luggage you carry, superannuated furniture, clothing and even the frame you place on your walls. When you wake up and find itchy spots, rashes and blisters on your skin, you should be hundred percent sure that bed bugs are brooding in your home. They are midgets and tiny creatures that can live in your mattress, frames, box spring and even your cupboards can be a home to them. Though be bugs are not considered deucedly deadly to humans but they are associated with poor hygiene conditions. They are not a major health concern but some people get allergic to bed bugs and this is horrible. Luckily, there are many DIY methods and techniques to get rid of these pesky critter but you need to hire a professional hand in this regard, like people of New Jersey hire Bed Bugs Exterminators in NJ.

Just like mosquitoes, they live on the blood of their pray. Considered to be parasites, they come out of their hidden places at night and try to find the pray they can feed on. They crawl onto legs, feet, arms and neck to bite and feed. They can disseminate poor and unhygienic environment in your home and cause discomfort to your family. A healthy bed bug lays up to 500 eggs in her lifetime in your home and that becomes severe because they grow rapidly. It’d not be possible for you to coup with this challenge on your own. Upon their bite, you can confront many abominable health conditions like breathing problems, wheezing, pain in your chest, meek pain in your throat, swelling inside your mouth, dizziness or lethargy, itches and rashes all over your body and fever.

Here are some ways you can kick them out on your own.

• First things first, you need to find out the place where they hide. That means seek out all the infested areas they might can find a haven. For this purpose, you need to look close to your beds, furniture frames, sofas, luggage, boxes and mattresses.
• You can find many bed bugs traps in the market these days. You can install these traps underneath your furniture. This will prevent them from climbing up to your bed and furniture.
• You can use a vacuum cleaner and commercial steamer to get rid of these lousy critters. Steamers are a great help because they can kill bed bugs in crevices and cracks as well.
• Tea tree oil is also proven an immense help in kicking out bed bugs from your abodes.
• Similarly, Lavender oil spray is highly recommended in bed bugs infestation. Mixture of 30-40 drops of oil to 1.5 ounces of water can have positive effects.