4 Features of Hawaii Luxury Homes Fit for A-listers

Throughout Big Island, Hawaii are picturesque communities that are attracting buyers from across the globe. In fact, many of these buyers are some of today’s biggest names in the world of entertainment, technology, and business. But what makes Hawaii luxury homes draw these A-listers? Let us discuss some of their features.

Exceptional views.The most expensive properties in the island offer breathtaking views – whether it’s of the Pacific Ocean, the perfectly manicured greens of a nearby golf course, the beautiful landscaping outside, or the lush forests at the foot of the hills. These views are made possible by large windows, or swimming pools and balconies overlooking the scenery, all of which are strategically located around the house – by the side of the bed for the occupants to wake up to, by the outdoor pool as they lounge about, or by the lanai, while they sip cocktails at dusk.

Plush and spacious common areas. A-listers throw the most extravagant parties, where food and drinks areas overflowing as the conversations, and the merriment lasts until the wee hours of the morning. For these parties, it’s important to have airy common areas – from the living room, indoor kitchen, and dining area, to a mobile bar and outdoor kitchen and barbecue grill, to the game room and the high-tech multimedia room, to thelanai that leads to a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna room – among other options for entertaining. These spaces are typically high-ceilinged, expansive, and have multiple seating, and most of all, offer so many interesting things to see and do.

Multiple lavishly-appointed bedrooms.For when friends and loved ones need to stay the night, or the weekend, a house needs guestrooms with full, spa-like baths and vanities that are well-equipped with toiletries and fresh-smelling towels, all of which allow for a comfortable and restful stay. The rooms are lavishly appointed, have perfect lighting, and have a plush mattress and elegant bed, and as well as spectacular views.

First-class, timeless furniture and decor. A-listers’ homes are decorated with fancy accents that also showcase the host’s discerning taste, and deep appreciation for arts and culture. They go for timeless style, top-quality materials, and all the decor contribute to a streamlined aesthetic. This does not mean ignoring the trends. They also regularly update the look of their house, but keep in mind the tried-and-tested design principles of and color combinations. Some examples would be marble-topped tables, beautifully framed paintings by the masters, if not up-and-coming artists, sculptural lamps and chandeliers, and tufted leather or velvet sofas and ottomans. Homeowners also invest in conversation pieces – a souvenir tapestry from a trip to China, an 18th century cabinet, a handcrafted pouf – that also add character to their abode.

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