Give Your WordPress Website a Fresh Look with Customization

The biggest feature of a WordPress website/theme is the ease of customization. With the help of customization, you can actually make a website looks fresh and appealing. There are many ways to give your website fresh look by making simple changes in your existing website theme. Here are some ways to customize your theme to give your website a distinctive look.

Customize Your Logo

The logo is the first and foremost thing that gives an identity to your business/service. If you will use an eye-catching logo then it will be a plus. It will help attracting more people to your website which in turn expands your business. You can install a plugin like Easy Genesis Logo Uploader that will help you in uploading a customized logo design.

Change Theme Color

Don’t stick to the same old and boring theme colors. You can easily change the theme colors with the ‘Customize’ option under the ‘Appearance’ tab on your dashboard. This gives you an option to change background and category colors and enhance the appearance of your website. It is always suggested to use bright colors to give your website an attractive look.

Create Your Own Title and Tag

The title and tagline of your website will help you further to establish the identity of your brand. These could be easily customized with the help of ‘Settings’ option available in the dashboard area. This will also contribute in the SEO of your website and helps in getting more visitors to your website.

Change Page Navigation

The navigation of your website can give it a totally different look. You can change the navigation of pages on your website. It will give your website an animated feel. Also navigating and scrolling the pages on your site will be a good experience for the users. There are several plugins available to customize the navigation of your website pages and gives it a fresh appearance.

Alter Background Images

Images leave a long lasting impact on viewer’s mind. They can help you to present a better picture of your brand/entity. Always use images with medium resolution so that they could be easily viewed on all platforms such as PC, tablet, and mobile. Also, adding the images related to your business an advantage over picking any random image from the web.

Display Latest Posts

WordPress gives you an option to display either a static page or the latest posts. Displaying latest posts on the home screen is a better idea. Whenever a user will strike to your website, he/she will be greeted with the latest trend/post running on the page and it will influence more readers. Especially if you are running a blog then flaunting latest post on the front will be very helpful to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

There are many free WordPress themes are available on the internet which offer the way for easy customization and help to create unique website. Besides applying all these techniques, the most important thing is always present a fresh and engaging content to your viewers. It will automatically give a fresh look to your website every time when the user will hit your website.

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