Helping Your Pet Grow – Feeding It the Right Pet Food

Once you have decided to keep a dog or cat as a pet in your home the next logical step is to find the right pet food for your animal companion. A visit to the nearest pet store will show you that perhaps cats and dogs have more choices available in meals than humans.

As an example let us venture into the dog food section. First of all we have dry food which is sold in attractive packets for adult dogs and puppies. There are mouth watering dishes like dried lamb with grains, rice with chicken meal and vegetables with chicken and beef.

There is even a category of human grade food for dogs and cats. This can be in the form of a nourishing breakfast of bananas, oats and apples. A great recipe for a dog is a combination of salmon and duck. Cats too have a similar option of food that constitute salmon, chicken, tuna and rice. A great sweet potato and herring combination for cats is also available.

Taking care of pets does not just involve buying their food and taking them for a walk. You need to keep a regular check on the health of your pet under the guidance of a veterinary doctor. You may need to buy medicines and supplements all of which are available at a good pet store.You need to give your pets some toys too. Dogs love playing with bones, balls and other stuff that they can just chew and smell. Cats need similar distractions and a teasing wand with feathers or a scratcher can be the ideal gift for your feline friend.

Another big range in the category of food is that for fish. Fish require careful and measured feeding. Fish food is available in pellet or tablet form. This food is generally made of animals and plants. The food is also made in a manner that it either floats on the surface of the water in an aquarium or sinks to the bottom. This is done keeping in mind the habits of various categories of fish.

Another category of food is the one for birds kept at home in cages. Many birds eat seeds but some insect eating birds prefer food made from mutton or beef fat. It is always wise to buy food for your pet from a good pet store. An established pet store sells quality products and assure you that you are giving the best to your animal friend. offers online pet store, pet food, types of dog food and dog food brands.