All about Japan’s cherry blossom in 2017

Japan is at its best in springtime with Sakura- a Japanese word for cherry blossom. It is that time of year when cherry blossom trees with white and pink sakura petals. This cherry blossom festival will start from late March through early May. There is Sakura is all around the nation at different periods of time and blossoms period lasts for average of two weeks. Annually, many backpackers visit Japan to enjoy this spectacle and have romantic backdrop. Here’s forecast for cherry blossoms-when and where to see them:

  1. Shinjuku Gyoen Park and Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park is Japan’s most popular and crowded cherry blossom spot with 1,000 plus trees. These trees lit up in the evening. It is amazing park to spend a romantic day under canopy of beautiful flowers. Another famous spot in Tokyo to enjoy spring blossoms is Shinjuku Gyoen Park. The cherry blossom period for this park is 26th March 2017 to 11th April 2017.

  1. Hirosaki Castle Park, Aomori

Wonderland for nature lovers, in this park one can view cherry blossoms in backdrop of Blue Mountains. This park has castle with turrets and gates. This castle was constructed by Tsugaru family who ruled the area in past time. It is 49.2 hectares wide with 2,600 trees of various varieties. According to studies, 25 cherry trees are planted in 1715 in “Nishi-no-Kuruwa”, and still bloom in spring. The cherry blossom period for this park is 22nd April 2017 to 04th May 2017

  1. Maizuru Park, Fukuoka

With 1000+ trees, this park is home to the cherry blossom festival. Food stalls lined in the park and all cherry blossom trees cast a pink glow over the castle which enhances the festival feeling. The cherry blossom period of this park is 25th March 2017 to 10th April 2017

  1. Senkoji Park, Hiroshima

Spread from top of Mt. Senkoji, Senkoji Park is a scenic spot for cherry trees. Built by the chief priest of Senko-ji temple in 1894, it has nearly 10,000 cherry trees. From the top of Mt. Senkoji, backpackers can enjoy the spectacular landscape of Onomichi and Inland Sea. The cherry blossom period of this park is 29th March 2017 to 12th April 2017.

  1. The Philosopher’s Path and Arashiyama, Maruyama Park, Kyoto

In Arashiyama, there is road along the Katsura-gawa River which is lined with fifty-year old trees and these trees form tunnels of cherry blossoms. One can walk along the Philosopher’s Path to enjoy the scenic view of petals floating on water and cherry blossoms on both sides of river path. Maruyama Park attracts many people and is the oldest park in the city. The cherry blossom period of this park is 29th March 2017 to 12th April 2017.

On the ending note, the above given dates may differ as weather forecasts are ever-changing. But, it is important to make Cathay Pacific flight reservations in advance to avoid exorbitant prices.

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