Enjoy the Religious Fervor of the City by Staying at the Hotels in Tirupati

Tirupati is the terrain of the most revered South Indian temples, of Sri Venkateshwara, solely sanctified to the almighty Lord Vishnu. The temple is nestled in the region of Tirumala hills, with seven peaks, at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. The peaks signify the seven hoods of the serpent Adisesha, which crowns Lord Vishnu. The place receives largest numbers of pilgrims in India and is regarded as the richest sacred place. The mythological tale states that Lord Kubera¬†bestowed money to the Lord Venkateshwara for his wedding with Goddess Padmavati. The Lord’s devotees donate money and gold so that he can pay off to Lord Kubera. Tirupati darshan is deemed as an utmost religious affair and folks from all walks of life come to this town.

Being a top pilgrimage place of the country, the hotels in Tirupati do brisk business round the year. Since the hotels here have to accommodate millions of devotees flocking the city, it is advisable to do advance bookings for a comfortable stay.

The Tirupati hotels are huddled in and around the bus depot and the city’s railway station, and easily accessible. Hotels are also speckled along the focal approaches – to Tirumala hills in close proximity to the temple. The city possesses pleasant accommodation options like guesthouses and budget lodges. The majority of these fit into the medieval age and are sculpted with the Dravidian style of architecture.

These Tirupati hotels are proffered in a variety of categories:

Budget hotels

Medium range hotels

Luxury resorts or hotels

Being a pilgrim center, the budget and medium range accommodations are widely available around the place in comparison to star properties. However, if you are looking to go the extra mile for your holiday, then alternatively, you may book a resort or a 5-star property. These hotels offer quality service and excellent hospitality with amenities like luxury suites and rooms, wireless internet access, satellite television etc. The hotels also have a variety of leisure activities for you to choose from. There are swimming pool and excellent health spa, club or gymnasium room. The in-house restaurants dish out best cuisines from all over the world, along with coffee shops to keep your social spirits high. The world-class services and amenities surely play a major role in making your holiday a memorable one.

The hotels in Tirupati welcome you to the gateway to heaven in the land of pure worship!

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