Mumbai Hotel Booking Provide Comfortable Stay For An Exciting City Exploration

Mumbai is a huge city and a commercial capital which never fails to impress anyone. Apart from being a financial capital, it has a lot of tourist attractions for everyone’s taste. As the city is built on 7 islands, it is not surprising to find attractions based on rock cuts; for eg, Elephanta caves, Mahakali and Kanheri.

With an interesting history behind it during the British rule, there is a dash of colonial culture in every nook and corner of the city. Located in the south, St George Fort is a magnificent architectural marvel built by the British. One can find resplendent gothic structure with neo classical style. The attractions from Churchgate to Colaba should not be missed and other places worth witnessing include the famed Gateway of India, Chahatrapati Shivaji Terminus building, etc.

Mumbai has a diverse culture with people from all over the country settling down here. It is also called the dream city for many with its strong connection to the Indian film industry. Being a culture hot spot, it is easy to find the food of your choice while here. The beaches have a lot of famous street food typical of Mumbai and offer amazing flavors to the unique culinary delights.

Mumbai’s history is also very interesting that tells the story of its present state. Initially, the city was a conglomeration of seven different islands when they were taken over from the king of Gujarat by the Portuguese. The Portuguese then built several churches, forts, etc in the city which were later handed over to the British. The same were handed over to the East India Company on a yearly lease. The company then built docks and trading ports, which has become the lifeline of the city since then. These ports attracted many different business communities.

Being a multi cultural city, its calendar is packed with year round events. Along with food, culture, art, business and fashion events, the biggest travel fair is set to take place from August through September this year at Nehru Centre in Worli. The event’s highlight will be the participation from 21 Indian states and 10 countries.

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